Seamless Gutters Are the Better than Traditional Gutter Guards

Until the 1960s aluminum gutters were manufactured in pieces from 6 to 10 feet in length the gutter sections were glued, welded or screwed together to extend to the length of the roof area. This worked to direct small amounts of water flow, but did not prevent flogs because sectional gutters have an inherent weakness at the joint areas. Over time debris will continually build up in the gutters, causing leaks to occur at the joints, which can give way causing the gutter to collapse and damage your home.

The solution came with the advent of seamless gutters; specially-designed machines were developed that could shape aluminum coils into seamless gutters of almost any length. These seamless gutter machines are portable and can be transported from site to site, allowing gutter installation professionals to customize and fit each gutter piece for your home.

LeafGuard® seamless gutters combine this technology with a patented one-piece design shaped into a single length of gutter with a protective hood to prevent debris from falling onto your gutter, allowing maximum water flow at all times. Having a LeafGuard® gutter on your home means never having to climb ladders or risk injury to clean out clogged gutters.

Protect your home today with the only seamless one-piece covered gutter in America!

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