How Does a LeafGuard® Seamless Gutter Differ From a Gutter Filter?

A gutter filter or gutter insert fits into an existing open gutter and is usually a cheaper alternative to a long-lasting solution; these filters come in different styles and materials, but most are made from a variety of plastic or foam materials with rounded bristles. Gutter filters are designed to be inserted into an existing gutter and repel leaves or debris while permitting rainwater to pass through.

If you have a standard open gutter on your house, then gutter filters can be a low cost leaf protection solution; however, gutter filters don’t eliminate the need for constant gutter cleaning. The filters themselves can deteriorate over time and they also require regular cleaning to keep clog from forming, especially during a storm. The LeafGuard® seamless gutter system doesn’t require a gutter filter or bristles to collect debris because its patented design sheds debris and allows the water to flow freely through your gutter system, away from your home.

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