Common Problems with Conventional Gutters in Columbia South Carolina

Open trough gutters can actually accelerate the problems they are supposed to prevent. Water damage, stains, and wood damage can negatively impact the appearance of your home.

  • Gutter Spikes – Conventional gutters are installed with long spikes, which can rust and stain your home overtime — this can be extremely difficult to remove.
  • Open Tops – An open top design causes gutters to fill with unsightly debris and clogs causing potential water damage to your home.
  • Pull-Away – Gutter spikes cannot fully support the weight that builds from clogs and often sag or pull away from your home; snow and ice can build up within an open gutter causing leaks and damage very quickly.

LeafGuard® gutters provide superior home protection with a one piece seamless gutter design that works on the principle of liquid adhesion allowing rainwater to flow into the gutters bottom while deflecting leaves, pine needles, debris and pests. This extra-large gutter bottom guarantees maximum water flow and will not clog for as long as you own your home.

Top Advantages of LeafGuard® Seamless Gutters

  • LeafGuard® gutters are constructed of heavy-duty aluminum that’s 20% thicker than ordinary gutters.
  • During the gutter installation process, LeafGuard® gutters are securely fastened to your fascia board by internal hidden non-corrosive brackets so your roof warranty or shingles are not affected.
  • LeafGuard® gutters featuring unique ScratchGuard® paint finish, allowing your home to maintain a new-like appearance.

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