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Clog Free Englert Leafguard Seamless Gutters are not gutter guards, screens or covers

In 1993, after years of intense product research and development, Englert, Inc. introduced the LeafGuard® Brand gutter, a patented one-piece leaf and debris shedding gutter system. The LeafGuard Brand system revolutionized the industry, by providing a one-piece system for residential and light commercial applications, with a lifetime, clog-free guarantee, and a Limited Lifetime Warranty on its ScratchGuard® paint finish.

LeafGuard® has been providing professional and quality home gutter services to Columbia South Carolina, along with all surrounding areas. If you live in Columbia, or the surrounding areas please hit “Get Started” for a free, no obligation estimate.

LeafGuard® Additional Service Areas

We also provide gutter service to all surrounding areas including Lexington, Camden, Sumter, Aiken and Augusta, GA. If you do not fall under the services areas listed here, please give us a call and we will be glad to discuss options in your area.

How Does Our Seamless Gutter System Work?

The Englert LeafGuard gutter system works on the scientific principle of Liquid Adhesion. The gutter’s patented design allows rainwater to travel down and around its curved hood and into the gutter, while deflecting leaves and debris.

LeafGuard gutters are roll-formed from one continuous piece of aluminum that is 14 inches wide and cut to custom lengths that fit your home. The metal itself is 20% thicker than the industry standard for gutters.


Rainwater clings to Leaf Guard’s curved hood and drops into the trough. Leaves, pine needles and debris rolls right off.

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After testing the LeafGuard gutter system, they have awarded the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal to this product.

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